I recently made a comeback to Twitter after perhaps a 10 years hiatus. I call it hiatus because I didn’t really leave. I was still there reading tweets, but I had refrained from getting involved. Twitter in my opinion, had become a combative area where cliques gather, make fun, stab, poke at the expenses of one person’s thought. I had also decided that my thoughts can only be mine. However, one year into the pandemic — I created a new public account. I did not tweet much, not until I lost one of my closest friend at the end of 2021. I then decided that life’s too short and I should start documenting my life for my kids’ future consumption at least.

I began to share random songs that I was listening to, the random books I was reading and the random thoughts I have about my every day life. Except in reality, it’s not so random. It’s something that I want my kids to know about in the future. For the memory that they may have growing up with me. I hope you know, that I intended it to be more reflective than random. This takes a bit of work because I am documenting my life and their lives out in the open, and as a parent — while I take precautions to protect their privacy, I know that all that are published have been vetted, and not everything pass the filter. There are many other things that are only kept within the four walls of our home and not out here on social media.

After 10 years, my return to Twitter will not be centred on my opinion. It will be my legacy, if I don’t get to write my biography. I hope that it will help you close the gap, connect the dots and fill in the missing link when I’m gone. Most importantly, I hope you know that the inner child never really leave the person when they grow up, marry and become a parent. Now that the youngest of you is three, I know it’s time for me to write again.




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Mooke Esham

Mooke Esham

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